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FFXIV V1 Macro Maker

Thanks for stopping by, this macro maker was built for FFXIV V1 and isn't really needed anymore for V2+. I have left it here for old times sake :)

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Latest Update (11th Oct 2010)

Made the options for each section a little easier to navigate! (Thanks Mr Shim)

Main Hand

Custom Weapon

Off Hand

Custom Off-Hand Weapon


Custom Throwing Weapon

Skills / Abilities

Custom Skill

Back Pack

Custom Pack Item

How to use the Macro Maker

At any time you can use a custom item or skill, just pop it in the box and press add. Just watch out for the spelling and capital letters!
Select an item from each list that you need and press the add button.

When adding skills please take care when selecting which action slot you wish to put that skill in. You dont want to be adding all your skills and trying to set them all to slot 2.

All skills are listed and seperated by disciple, then class. All skills are ordered by rank level lowest at the top.

Once you are done, just copy each line and paste it in to the game! Enjoy your easy class switching!